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Space Romualdez is located at Romualdez St., Metro Manila

Are you perhaps asking this question? Are you perhaps one of those seeking to be as close to all important amenities related to the student or scholarly life? Look no further because the answer is here. The student centered approach essentially goes well beyond the study desk and study hall. The Space’s study hall has intentionally been structured for a number of other uses. Students need to live as well, you know.

The perfect living environment is conducive to success with your studies. Do not tell young students that they don’t enjoy shopping, if they can afford to, and hanging out at the mall. Do not tell them otherwise that they cannot visit any one of the famous city’s popular restaurants. Students need their funds too, and there are plenty of banks to draw from. Important health and welfare centers are also close to needy students living at the Space.

Students need to please their aesthetic tastes and always be inspired to deliver sterling work. To this end, they are always close to many historical landmarks. There are also plenty of cultural and art centers to spend time at. But it is the institution at which they complete their studies that sets them up for the rest of their lives. There are too many schools to mention, so we will graciously mention just five by way of an example for non-student readers.

Universities close to Space Romualdez – Adamson, Centro Escolar, Lyceum of the Philippines, Philippine Normal University, San Juan de Letran.

The on your doorstep location

Very close to all the capital’s important amenities

There is no need to repeat the city’s finest universities on behalf of future Space Romualdez student residents. Also on their doorstep are the historical sites hinted at earlier as well as local government offices. Also, future professional residents are very close to all important nodes of commercial or business interest.

Close to all major shopping networks

Future Space residents are very close to a variety of shopping networks. These take care of both your commercial, every day shopping needs as well as your cultural interests. The cultural side of things is, of course, a must-see for every tourist staying in one of the ‘condormitel’ units. Robinsons Place is the largest shopping mall in the capital. Not to be outdone is the SM Supermall. Students will need every bargain they can grab their hands on, so they will more than likely be regular patrons of the SM’s clearance center.

Culture centered students will likely be doing this anyway, but if there is one good recommendation well worth passing on to visitors it is this. Do make a point of adding in a few visits to Quiapo. This is also known as your old downtown. This is where you will find colorful and bustling markets, as well as boutique and electronics goods stores. Those whose shopping tastes are a lot more nostalgic than others can always make a short trip to CM Recto Avenue because this is where a number of fine, old department stores are located.

Traveling along the Recto Avenue, you will be very much at the heart of the Philippine’s shopping mecca’s as they are referred to. It is around here that you are going to find the Lucky Chinatown Mall and the famous Tutuban Center. And do not forget to visit any one of the many restaurants located all across these areas, and more, that we have just mentioned to you here.


A little bit about Manila

The Philippine’s capital was founded during the late sixteenth century by one Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Since before the yolk of colonialism was yanked from this city during the aftermath of the Second World War, this city has been a seat of power for the country’s rulers. Many of the city’s famous landmarks date back to that century. Today, a global city, the Philippine’s capital is also the most densely populated city in the world.

Caring for the environment

It should come as no surprise to the discerning investor that this congested city has certainly had its day where high pollution levels are concerned. But there have been phenomenal efforts over the years to clean up the city’s environment. In the aftermath of Typhoon Ketsana, rivers were dredged and the city’s drainage networks were improved.

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission oversees cleaning up the famous Pasig River. This oversight has also seen the creation of attractive parks all along the riverside. And stricter pollution control abounds.

Artistic features

All around the city of Manila, an eclectic mix of artistic features feast your eyes. As a newcomer, you will be feasting on a number of architectural styles inherited from China, Malaya, the USA and Spain. But it is local artists that have designed and resurrected a majority of the city’s churches, government offices, theaters and, of course, schools and universities.

A number of the Manila theaters are in the art deco style. Escolta Street in Binondo shows off buildings designed in the beaux-art and neoclassical fashions. These too, were designed by Filipino architects during the nineteen twenties and thirties of the previous century.

A port to the world

Manila’s port is the largest of its kind in the Philippines. It is also recognized as an international shipping gateway. It is also home to one of the five leading port terminal operators in the world. This is the International Container Terminal Services company. But it is the Philippines Port authority that oversees the daily management and operation of this important port to the world.

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